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Our work in Biosimilars


Biocon Biologics is a global leader in biologics, which is delivering affordable access to innovative and inclusive healthcare solutions. We are leveraging our cutting-edge science, innovative tech platforms, advanced research & development capabilities and global scale manufacturing capacities to lower treatment costs while improving healthcare outcomes worldwide. We have built one of the broadest and deepest pipelines in the biosimilars industry straddling monoclonal antibodies for cancer and autoimmune diseases, insulin and insulin analogs for diabetes and conjugated recombinant proteins. We are one of the leading insulins producers globally with a portfolio comprising basal, mixed and rapid acting insulins. We have taken six molecules from ‘lab to market’ to make a difference to patients in developed markets and key emerging markets.

We have several firsts to our credit, including the most recent U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of the world’s first interchangeable biosimilar, received for our Insulin Glargine. Having proven our capabilities in biosimilars, we are expanding our therapeutic focus to include infectious diseases with the objective of addressing inequitable access both in emerging and developed markets for life-saving vaccines and biologics. With a team of 5,000+ people, Biocon Biologics is committed to transforming healthcare and transforming lives by enabling affordable access to millions of patients’ worldwide.

We have the full spectrum of insulins (regular, basal and rapid) in our pipeline and the global scale necessary to make a difference to diabetes patients worldwide.

The biosimilars opportunity is expected to grow as biologics worth USD 90 billion in originator sales lose exclusivity over the next decade, as per industry estimates. Biosimilars have the potential for substantial system savings. Given the expertise we have developed over the years, Biocon Biologics aims to capitalize on this unfolding biosimilars opportunity to enable access to patients globally.

Biosimilars portfolio straddles rh-insulin, insulin analogs, mAbs and other recombinant proteins.

15+ years of experience in developing biologics with strong scientific and technical capabilities.

Over 5,000+ people dedicated to support this business across various functions.

8 biosimilars approved so far – Trastuzumab, Pegfilgrastim, Bevacizumab, rh-Insulin, Insulin Glargine, Adalimumab#, Etanercept#, Insulin Aspart.

2.75+ billion doses of Recombinant human insulin provided to patients globally since 2004.

5.51 million* patients reached through our products (MAT June 2022)*

*Number of lives is calculated based on volume supplied
#Partner Viatris has in-licensed product, Biocon Biologics continues to have economic benefit

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