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At Biocon, we believe that sound corporate governance is critical in enhancing and retaining investor trust. It is a reflection of our culture, policies, relationship with stakeholders and the commitment to values, coupled with the highest standards of integrity, transparency, accountability and ethics in all business matters. The Board of Directors and the Management at Biocon are committed to the enhancement of shareholder value.

Our Philosophy

Biocon’s policies are based on ethical conduct, health, safety and a commitment to building long term sustainable relationships with, and value for, relevant stakeholders. Our corporate governance framework stipulates timely and accurate disclosures pertaining to our financials and performance, the leadership, and governance of the Company.

Our legacy of deep commitment and care for our stakeholders resonates throughout the organisation. Our vision of enhancing global healthcare through innovative and affordable biopharmaceuticals for patients, partners and healthcare systems across the globe guides our organisational decisions and anchors our every action. Value creation is a cornerstone and is being consistently followed.

Over the last 40 years, we at Biocon, have developed a strong set of values where integrity is vital. We are committed to high standards of Corporate Governance and have in place appropriate structures and reporting systems.

Governance Structure

In order to have a robust governance, we have a multi-tiered governance structure with defined roles and responsibilities of every constituent of the system. The Board is the apex body constituted by the shareholders to oversee the company’s overall functioning. They are responsible for providing strategic supervision, overseeing the management performance and governance of the Company on behalf of the shareholders and other stakeholders. The Board exercises independent judgement and plays a vital role in the oversight of the Company’s affairs. While, the Company’s day to day affairs are managed by a competent management team under the overall supervision of the Board.

The Board has constituted several Committees to focus on well-defined areas of responsibility, with a mandate to make time-bound recommendations.

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