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A Career At Biocon

Working with one of the world’s most advanced biopharmaceutical companies brings with it a tremendous opportunity to create a lasting impact on global health. Our strategy is to provide affordable access to a speciality portfolio of medicines for global patient populations. We are strengthening our global reach and economies of scale. We are steadfastly investing in developing a range of affordable therapies for diabetes, cancer and autoimmune diseases, most of which were previously unaffordable and hence inaccessible to many.

Biocon gives you the chance to work alongside some of the brightest minds across the world in research, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and business sectors. With a talented and diverse team that works towards the common goal of making healthcare affordable and accessible globally, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you are just starting out or whether you have years of experience to your name, if you are interested, join us.

We are India’s most preferred biotech employer, recognised for people-centric practices.

For us, our people are our biggest assets. They fuel innovation in our pipeline and hold true to our commitment of exploring the unexplored in medicine. Our deep-rooted entrepreneurial culture attracts the brightest talent. We strive to maintain an environment that values our diverse workforce, constantly motivating them to  realise their full potential.

The ability to work alongside the most sought-after talent is what makes a job most rewarding. When teams work together towards a common goal, they are successful.  Our ability to build such teams has helped drive incredible innovations and revolutionised the industry.

Our values guide us at every step of our journey. By recognising and rewarding high performers who deliver results while adhering to these core values, we’re building a culture of growth and lasting success.

Our corporate headquarters is in Bengaluru, India. We also have offices in the US, UK, Singapore and UAE. We have manufacturing locations in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam and Malaysia.

Ours is a culture that inspires success. We treasure people who push the envelope, take initiative and deliver matchless outcomes. Our collaborative, performance-driven work culture drives us to make patient lives easier with greater global access to high-quality, affordable medicines.

The Biocon culture is meritocratic and value-driven. We cherish highly capable, forward-looking self-starters who have the skills, experience and knowledge to impel us forward. By investing in the best talent, we actively look to create future leaders,supported by an environment where competencies and merit trump all else. Recognising and rewarding exceptional talent breeds a thriving, high-performance culture that helps our people fulfill their individual aspirations, even as we advance together to achieve our collective vision.


We put our people first.  We have an ambitious vision for tomorrow which, when realised, will improve millions of lives for the better. Our people are the key to making this happen. By putting our employees first, we empower them to build more fulfilling lives and achieve a better work-life balance. In doing so, we also help them stay driven and committed to contributing to this goal.

To promote holistic well-being among our people, we conduct a host of initiatives in four key areas.

       Physical Wellbeing

  • Annual health check-ups
  • Medical benefits and insurance
  • Occupational health centre
  • Access to doctors and specialists
  • Awareness sessions on diabetes, etc.
  • Well-equipped gymnasium
  • Fitness sessions including yoga, Zumba and aerobics
  • Treks, sports tournaments and more by Biocon Adventure and Sports Club (BASC)
  • Discounted access to OPD in select hospitals
  • Unlimited access to dieticians


      Emotional Wellbeing

  • Unlimited access to counsellors
  • Emotional health awareness sessions
  • Guided sessions on avoiding burnout
  • Employee wellness portal and mobile app for well-being


       Social Wellbeing

  • Monthly preventive awareness sessions
  • Dedicated CSR wing through which employees volunteer and contribute to community welfare and education initiatives


       Environmental Wellbeing

  • Interventions on occupational hazards
  • Clear health and safety guidelines
  • A healthy work environment
  • Safety awareness and training sessions
  • Initiatives during National Safety Week


Value-added facilities at Biocon

  • A state-of-the-art gym staffed with certified trainers
  • An occupational health center manned by doctors 24/7, with free medical care
  • A crèche with secure, affordable pre-school and daycare facilities for parents
  • Safe, comfortable, convenient transport facilities
  • A canteen offering nutritious, dietician-certified, hygienic food at subsidised rates

Applying for a role at Biocon

Applicants may update their resumes at any time by editing their profile (including adding or deleting attachments in the profile page). We recommend that you update your profile when your work history, qualifications or contact information has changed

In case you are facing persistent technical issues relating to the career site, we recommend you to reach out to us at or to your respective recruiter.

Yes, you may apply for multiple roles. To ensure that your profile is considered for multiple roles, you are required to submit separate applications for each role you are interested in.

When you create your profile on the Biocon Careers site you will be asked to share your career history by uploading an existing resume/ CV or entering those details on the profile page.

Our recruiters will review job applicants for each opening and reach out to those who appear to be a strong match with the position. However, even if you’re not contacted for the job you applied for, your information will go into our recruiter’s shared candidate database, which means you may be contacted for other opportunities within Biocon at a later date.

Developmental Programs

At Biocon, we believe in rewarding talent and nurturing leaders. We encourage our people to aim for excellence, achievement and ingenuity at work. Ours is a culture of inclusivity, agility, accountability and an entrepreneurial mindset, and it paves the way for consistently high performance. Through talent development programs like I-Leap for young managers, we’re building the next line of vertical leadership and helping our people grow.

We believe in tapping your greatest potential. At Biocon, we are passionate about our people, who are instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. For us, this begins with our value-driven culture. To strengthen these values and embed them in our organisation’s DNA, we introduced the ‘g2G’ or ‘good 2 Great’ quotient. This mantra is designed for our next phase of enhancing professional behaviour and growth, through which we will inspire people to fulfil their potential and shape rewarding careers across the organisation.

The word ‘GREAT’ is an acronym for the following key attributes:

  • Go-getter: We go after our goals with passion, follow through on our commitments and resolve issues swiftly
  • Respectful: We are respectful towards people, assets and environment and communicate accordingly
  • Empathetic: We need to appreciate the viewpoints, listen closely and critique mindfully, while managing & eliminating wastage of resources
  • Appropriate: Through our words and actions, we strive to be worthy representatives of Biocon and create a lasting positive impression by inculcating requisite professional behaviour.
  • Truthful: We are sincere and honest in everything we do. We grow, mature and learn from our mistakes. There is zero tolerance to non- compliance of data integrity.

Constant learning is a way of life across every department and at every level. It aligns individual success with the organisation’s current and future growth. Our Learning Framework is built around technical capability-building, our competency framework and the Biocon values. We offer a wide range of programs to provide personalised support at every career stage, with modules designed to meet relevant needs appropriately.

  • Digital learning:

Keeping pace with the latest technology is key to being future-ready. Biocon has embraced many best-in-class digital initiatives like using artificial intelligence (AI) in the learning space, switching to digitalised SOP learning, and mobile-based learning. Through initiatives such as bite-sized learning programs and virtual simulation, we provide 24/7 access to learning opportunities.


  • Audit readiness programs:

We regularly conduct a host of initiatives to keep our people audit-ready, and to instill this readiness in our DNA. These include institutionalised communication skills workshops, facing foreign origin auditors, various sessions on CGXP and other initiatives.


  • Leadership programs:

Our leadership programs such as iLeap, BioWin and Leadership Excellence have a blend of classroom, coaching, projects and focused action plans to measure real-time benefits. In addition to this, we have mandatory programs that help our newly promoted first-time managers and senior managers succeed in their new roles.


  • Technical programs:

Technical programs and related skilling initiatives play a pivotal role at Biocon. One such initiative is MPower- Biocon’s virtual corporate university, where employees undergo a year-long learning journey using e-learning, classroom and practical sessions in simulated environments. Apart from this, there are many other technical programs covering GMP and non-GMP topics, conducted regularly for the entire organisation.


  • Certifications:

We regularly organise in–house certification programs like coaching certification programs for leaders, Project Management Program (PMP), Six Sigma – green belt, design of experiment, certification on analytics, Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), Total Productivity Maintenance (TPM), Quality by Design (QbD), amongst others.


  • Sponsoring higher education:

At Biocon, we encourage our people to pursue higher education to strengthen their skill sets and add to their industry value. This includes post-graduation programs like MBA or M.Tech from premier institutes like IIM and BITS, as well as Ph.D. programs from VIT, KGI, Glasgow University and others. Currently, 8 of our mid-senior level employees are pursuing an MBA in Pharma Management from University of California San Diego’s Global Executive MBA at Ahmedabad University.


  • Behavioral skills training:

We believe soft skills are crucial to building a successful career and we conduct regular learning sessions covering subjects such as time management, stress management, emotional intelligence and interviewing skills. These initiatives are based on our competency framework, covering interpersonal, strategic, operational and people-centric issues.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our diversity. One of our biggest assets. Diverse experiences and perspectives create a culture of innovation, to overcome the world’s healthcare challenges. We are committed to embracing diversity and inclusion in everything we do. It is beyond promoting gender balance. It is about the appreciation of different cultures, backgrounds, generations and ideas regardless of race, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or disability.

Our diverse talent pool brings with it a wide variety of experiences, backgrounds and approaches to work, allowing us to offer both patients and clients, the most innovative and effective solutions.


  • Recruitment, development and retention of more women at the workplace
  • Initiatives to attract, retain and manage entry-level talent
  • Transparency and appropriate communication on corporate initiatives, actions and results to all employees
  • Inclusive and impartial work environment, where respect is given to all

BioWin is a forum through which we, at Biocon, promote gender inclusivity by empowering our women employees to share and resolve issues. Through regular brainstorming and other tools, we unearth fresh insights and build an enabling culture, which supports women to build thriving careers and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Biocon has won multiple laurels with the BioWin initiatives such as “Working Mother & AVTAR’s ‘100 Best Companies for Women in India” list in 2017,2018 and 2019; Best learning program for D& I from “Tata Institute of Social Science” in 2018 and 2019; ”Jobs for Her DivHersity Awards” 2019, in four categories including Top 5 Most Innovative Practises – Women L & D Programs, Top 20 Companies in Divhersity (Large Enterprises), Top 20 Innovative Practises- Divhersity Policies and Programs.

Internship Programs

As an industry leader, Biocon offers opportunities to intern in core areas of research and development, quality assurance and regulatory sciences, along with positions in finance, marketing, legal, HR, IT and general administration.

Graduates/Postgraduate students with a focus on pharmacy, microbiology, organic chemistry and life sciences are encouraged to intern at Biocon.

These internships offer hands-on experience of working for an industry major, develop skill flexibility and give students the opportunity to earn course credits. Currently, over 500 students have the Biocon internship edge.

Biocon Foundation

Biocon Foundation is committed to improving lives and empowering the underserved communities for a better tomorrow. The Foundation’s fundamental purpose is to make a positive and lasting impact on the health and education of these communities to inspire the development of a knowledge-based sustainable society. We envision a future where all prosper in a secure environment with equal access to education, healthcare and sustained livelihood. We believe that investing in the growth of people is the best kind of investment.

The Foundation, established in 2004, is integral to Biocon’s commitment to dramatically improve people’s lives. It is the principal channel for Biocon corporate philanthropy – to build resilient solutions that enable underserved communities to live better, every day, where they are empowered to take charge of life decisions and forge ahead towards a brighter future. It is this distinct vision that powers all efforts and initiatives to this day.

Effective, sustainable and relevant human development will always remain at the forefront of all that we do.

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