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Committed to the health of the nation.

As the Foundation of a global healthcare company, our innovations focus on improving community healthcare. We set up eLAJ Smart Clinics at Government-run Primary Health Centres in Rajasthan and Karnataka to provide quality, affordable treatments. The in-house electronic patient records and a real-time dashboard offer a data-driven approach to improve patient outcomes, by enabling practitioners to facilitate disease prevention, treatment and control. Our disease prevention strategy includes investments in preventive health education, and community-based screening models for maternal and child health as well as for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and common cancers.


Making quality education accessible for all.

Education is a path to building equal opportunities. To achieve this, Biocon Foundation has introduced innovative and creative programs and initiatives across Karnataka to ensure that not just underprivileged children, but teenagers and adults too receive avenues and opportunities to learn new skills that will improve their quality of life and living. These have resulted in enriching and effective learning experiences. The Foundation also lends academic support to the local government through a creatively developed curriculum that encourages self-learning and crucial life skills.


Towards a clean, green future.

Story of the Revival of Hebbagodi Lake in Bengaluru

by Biocon Foundation

The Biocon Foundation’s commitment to sustainability compels us to protect our immediate environment and natural resources, in order to create a greener, safer planet for future generations.

Our partnerships with the Government and community groups to resuscitate the Hebbagodi and Yarandahalli lakes of Bengaluru have helped augment their storage capacity, sustain and support biodiversity, enhance environmental quality and build valuable open space for the local communities.

By adopting latest eco-friendly tools, technologies and resources to protect and improve the environment,
the Foundation is setting a precedent in environment conservation.

Rural Development

Creating a better life by creating equal opportunity.

India has the largest rural population in the world and the most underserved. Biocon Foundation believes that progress begins by fulfilling basic human needs such as education, health, civic infrastructure, housing, water and sanitation. The people of rural Karnataka dream of a better quality of life and our initiatives and
programs are working towards making this happen.