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Global Footprint


Biocon Biologics’ commercial footprint for biosimilars straddles the developed and developing countries by leveraging strong regional and global partnerships. Our biosimilars are currently benefiting patients in over 100 countries.

Through our partnership with Viatris, Biocon Biologics has been able to access all the key developed markets with multiple products across therapy areas, creating a strong track record.

Market shares garnered by our products have meaningfully contributed to the growing biosimilar penetration in the U.S. We have pursued select European countries thus far as a part of our Viatris collaboration.

In other developed markets of Canada, Australia and Japan, our products continue to see strong demand. For instance, we have one of the leading biosimilar Trastuzumab in Canada and Australia.

Our presence in emerging markets has been fortified through our organically developed B2B business and Viatris’ emerging markets business. Our B2B business has increased its breadth by entering new countries through regional partnerships and addition of new products following approval in developed markets.

In addition to the products developed in collaboration with Viatris, we have been commercializing recombinant human insulin (rHI) through our B2B platform.

Biocon Biologics has been investing to build its direct commercial footprint in emerging markets, allowing us to capture higher value from the products sold in the region. We have added field force in the UAE and Saudi Arabia to augment commercialization efforts for our biosimilars in the region, enabling us to get closer to the patients and customers.

The acquisition of Viatris’ global biosimilars business will enable Biocon Biologics to have a direct commercial presence in the advanced markets of U.S., Canada, EU, Australia and New Zealand, in addition to several emerging markets. It will take us closer to patients, payors and healthcare systems and strengthen our position as a global biosimilars player.

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