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Stephen Manzano

General Counsel - Advanced Markets

Stephen Manzano

Stephen Manzano

General Counsel – Advanced Markets

Stephen Manzano heads the Legal, Risk, Compliance and Audit functions, including Contracts, Litigation, Licensing Activities, in advanced markets.

Stephen, who is based out of New Jersey, U.S., also leads Global M&As, Corporate Compliance, Audit and Risk and Legal requirements at Biocon Biologics’ subsidiaries in the U.S., UK, Ireland and other advanced markets. The IP function including Global IP Litigation and Settlement also reports to him.

Stephen brings with over 25 years of experience in legal affairs, large M&A deals and business transactions, compliance management, IP litigation and corporate governance as Partner at a leading U.S. law firm, as well as General Counsel at Taro Pharmaceuticals, Sun Pharma and most recently, Amneal Pharmaceuticals in North America.

He has successfully managed complex, high exposure litigation, delivered successful post-merger integrations, built a strong legal and compliance infrastructure and teams in a highly regulated environment and has experience working with key regulators such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Stephen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Government (Grade: Magna Cum Laude) from the James Madison University, Virginia, U.S. He is a Doctor of Law – JD, Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law – from Tulane University Law School, New Orleans, U.S.