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Dear Stakeholders,

I am delighted to bring to you the first edition of the Impact Manifesto – our newsletter exclusively curated for you.

At Biocon Biologics, we aspire to transform patients’ lives by ensuring that our biosimilars are both affordable and accessible to those in need of it globally. Through the Impact Manifesto, our endeavour is to address various global health concerns, as well as to keep our stakeholders updated on the various initiatives the organization is taking to better the lives of our global patient pool.

This edition delves deeper into the growing concern of diabetes as a global pandemic, the many challenges associated with diabetes care and the inequities in insulin access.

Approximately 100 million people around the world need insulin, including all the people suffering from Type 1 diabetes and between 10-25% of people with Type 2 diabetes, according to IDF. Nearly a century after the discovery of insulin, millions of people with diabetes who need insulin still cannot afford and access it. Lack of equitable access to affordable insulin remains a key impediment to the successful treatment of diabetes, often leading to co-morbid complications and premature death.

As a company committed to ensuring equitable access to insulins globally, Biocon Biologics is pursuing the path of innovation and enabling affordable access to recombinant human insulin and insulin analogs for diabetes patients.

As a credible global insulins player, we are working with governments as well as healthcare systems and payers worldwide to ensure that insulin pricing is not a constraint to the well-being of individuals and of communities.

Through this newsletter, we feature some of the key concerns about diabetes care – the surge in diabetes across the globe, the challenges associated with diabetes treatment and the future of biosimilars in diabetes care.

Here we bring to you a perspective from Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, our executive chairperson, about the journey of Biocon for over two decades in diabetes care.

Ms Christiane Hamacher, CEO and MD, Biocon Biologics, pens down her views.

As you read through this newsletter, you will meet our experts from Research & Development, Medical Affairs who have put forth their point of view on various critical topics including constraints in managing diabetes in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), management of diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also take pride in sharing how the organization is playing a crucial role in making its biosimilar insulins available, accessible and affordable globally and transforming the diabetes landscape.

I hope you will find our newsletter informative and useful. Please do share your valuable feedback with us. This will enable us to understand your requirements and improve our content in the future editions.

Do stay tuned as we address a series of global healthcare concerns through the Impact Manifesto in our upcoming issues.

Happy reading!

SVP & Global Head of Communications & Corporate Brand

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