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Diabetes is a pandemic that is accelerating at an alarming rate. Today, more than 380 million people, across all age groups and social classes live with the disease globally. What is even more worrying is the fact that this condition mostly goes undetected until it reaches life-threatening proportions.


The constant monitoring apart from the actual treatment makes diabetes management an expensive process. As a credible, global insulins player, Biocon is committed to making insulin-based therapy increasingly affordable and accessible across the globe.

Biocon’s Insugen®- Effective and affordable

  • The world’s first Pichia-based recombinant human insulin (RH-Insulin) developed in India
  • Introduced at less than half the prevailing price, compelling MNC brands to drop prices
  • Has bettered the lives of patients around the world
  • The largest domestic brand of insulin today

Biocon’s Glargine, Basalog®

The first biosimilar from India to be approved in Japan

  • Developed and launched a long-acting basal Insulin Glargine for patients in India, with the aim to introduce it globally
  • Launched Insulin Glargine in Japan in 2016, making it the first biosimilar from India to be approved
  • Partnered with Mylan for approval from the European Commission to sell Semglee™ (Insulin Glargine) in all 28 European Union member states and the European Economic Area member states of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein
  • Mylan subsequently commercialized the product in Europe
  • Insulin Glargine approved in over 60 countries, including Australia, Russia, Mexico, South Korea and Malaysia

Biocon’s Tregopil

A first-in-class oral insulin molecule for post-prandial glycaemic control

  • Insulin Tregopil is a novel insulin molecule that mimics the physiological benefits of direct delivery into the portal vein and promises better patient compliance

The leader in Insulins

  • Biocon is the fourth largest insulins company in the world
  • We have the science, scale, scope, technology and over 15 years of experience in addressing the needs of patients with diabetes
  • Have provided over 2 billion doses worldwide
  • Preparing to take our products to ‘one in five’ insulin-dependent people with diabetes worldwide.