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Biocon´s Clarification post media reports on “Biocon on the FDA list for not paying facility fee”

  • Posted by: BIOCON
Biocon has paid Facility Fee for its API facility to USFDA in Sep 2017

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, Dec 13, 2017:

”This is in reference to certain media reports on Biocon being on the FDA list for non-payment of facility fee. We hereby clarify that Biocon’s API facility has a different FEI no. for which the facility fee to the USFDA has been paid in September 2017. We are notifying the regulator on the inadvertent error of ascribing FEI no 3003981475 to our API facility and including it in the GDUFA facility fee arrear list. Biocon accords utmost importance to compliance and has not missed payment of any regulatory fee to the USFDA “

– Company Spokesperson

Author: BIOCON